Nothing says community like the Hometown Fair

2017 Participant Directory

Arts and Crafts directory as of September 24.

A. Stone Originals Stone, Adam Paintings 271
aCutee Pavia, Olena Clothing 161
After the Gold Rush Lynn, Geri Jewelry 155
Alpaca Jewelry by Karim Lopez, Karim Clothing & Jewelry 150
Annie’s Garden Ceramics Aldrich, Annie Pottery 342
Anything Found Tucker, Thomas Jewelry 169
Aquamarine Glineur, Brooke/Patrick Jewelry 131
Art by Serafin Serafin, Joshua Paintings 225
Art Couture Vialar, Dominique Clothing 239
Art Tiles by Carla Stephenson-Funk, Carla Pottery & Holiday 165
Artnwordz Vuechenholl, Michaela Paintings/Drawings 103
Asphrey’s Gidwani, Seema Jewelry 263
Baby Cadeaux Courbin, Joni Other 171
Bali Prema Day, Jennifer Clothing 250
Balthazar & Rose Montazeri, Ellie Textile 346
Barbara Lamb Ceramics Lamb, Barbara Pottery 334
Be Love Finch, Kyle & Kamgi Clothing 168
Beach Lights Pitzele, Victoria Other 136
Belles Nest Gloria, Elena Textile 237
Beneath The Surface Imaging Capozzola, Renee Photography 245
Beyond Blue Ceramics Kleemann, Behumia Pottery 339
Blissbaby Rager-Madariager, Jennifer Clothing 135
Bohemian Rags Handbags Waller, Michelle Leather 337
Bonnie Harkenrider Harkenrider, Bonnie Needlework & Holiday 321
Bovar Jewelry Varela, Robert Jewelry 207
Calivilca Deigns Yurivilca, Manfred Clothing 106
Canyon Studio Relfe, Reese Textile, Jewelry 157
Christina Peters Photography Peters, Christina Photography 203
Christine Hausserman Hausserman, Christine Fine Art 248/249
Cindy Bolin Bolin, Cindy Jewelry 228
CMS-Design Portraiture Stillians, Christoher Photography 115
Colada Co. Villaclara, Veronica Clothing 349/350
Collen Berg Jewelry Berg, Colleen Jewelry 139
Concepcion Concepcion, Ed Clothing & Leather 244
Country Faire Tash, Richard Wood Crafts 113
Crystal Glass Nail Files Newmark, Maria & Mike Glass 308
Custom – Woodturning Brooks, Keven Wood 138
Custom Woodworking David Lutzy, David Wood 313
Dale Michele Michele, Dale Clothing, Jewelry & Hats 222
Dan Janotta Janotta, Dan Paintings 231
David Wolfram Designs Wolfram, David Paintings 145
Designs by Shelly Waco, Michelle Photography 236
Elisabeth Phole Designs Pohle, Elisabeth Jewelry 343
Elizabeth Noble Photos Noble, Elizabeth Photography 307
Elizabeth Todd Designs Siles, Elizabeth Clohting 229
Essential Addictions Wolf, Renee Other 121
Floradora Lawrence, Debbie Other 327
Forever Mootsy Valdes, Heidy Dog Supplies 104
Glasswork by Mary Gerlick, Mary Glass 306
Global Girls Hacket, Linda Shoes and Clothing 116
Gourmet Blends Levy, Lenny Other 179
Guitars and Smiles Sarkissian, Sam Wood/Holiday 140
Handpainted Wood Puzzles Jack, Marvin & Margaret Wood Crafts 159
Hardwood Creations Levy, David/Carolyn Wood 132/133
Hartstring Jewelry Sar, Aline Jewelry 320
Head Regal Laforet, Amber Leather & Other 266
Healing Stones Sonne, Elaine Glass, Jewelry & Clothing 153
Heart Art Maastricht, Jennifer Textile, Paper, Surf Art 310
Hi Notes Greeting Cards Beals, Kristen Clothing & Paper 344
Hooligan Paper Co. Holz, Alex Paper & Other 314
Hostess Gifts To Go Pollack, Tracey Other 317
Hudson River Inlay Nelson, Jeffrey Wood 262
Indigo Lights Cohen, Sheri Jewelry 122
Irie Art Designs Fieger, Jeff Clothing, Painting, Drawings 151
Jag Design Gillette, Jim Wood 335
JD Shulz Art Shulz, JD Paintings 100/102
Jeff Orr Photography Orr, Jeff Photography 218
Jennifer Jones Collection Jones, Jennifer Jewelry 304
Jessie’s Girl Couture Moro, Jessie Children’s Clothing 216
Jewelry Pasquinelli, Lucia Jewelry 239
Jewelry by Naomi Tratar, Naomi Jewelry 219
JF Lin Creations Lin, Jerry Wood Crafts 105
Jivita Harris, Casey Jewelry 114
Joe Vickers Art Vickers, Joe Paintins & Wood 205
John Post Gallery Post, John Photography 200
Joyce Carol Watanabe Joyce Carol Jewelry 270
Just Budda, Inc McRae, Mark Clothing 206
JW Photography Wilson, Jeff Photography 264/265
Kandlgirl Studio Carratala, Sonia Candles 136
Kat Monk Photo Monk, Kat Photography 340
KBD Studio Johnston, Karin Clothing, Jewelry, metal 134
Keikico Lipp, Renee Other 215
Kenneth James Reiter Reiter, Ken Painting 233
Kiki Beach & Bedhead Bean, Kiki Clothing & Jewelry 208
Kiyomi Pjs Nihei, Nancy Pajamas 351A
KTWF Taub, Kara Clothing 126
Laguna Salt Co. Mesmer, Jolie Salt 178
Land & Sea McFarlane, Scott & Lindsey Photography/Textiles 111
Laura Schuler Studio Schuler, Laura Paintings and Textile 162
LDG Cookie Co. Goldman, Luke Cookies 177
Leather E Landis, Eva Leather 330
Lisbet Sjoberg Designs Sjoberg, Lisbet Jewelry 333
Lockjaw Garage Turner, James Wood, Metal, & Other 119
Look Inside Galante-Jimenez, Lisa Textile Crafts 109
Lump of Clay Pottery Maatricht, Sue Pottery 310
Mac Beanie MacMullan, Sheila Clothing 312
Magil Ink Magill, Douglas Painting, Drawings & Photo 254
Malibubows Ahn, Sussi Bows 318
Mama Gourds Meehan, Lisa Other 141
Manhattan Beach Studios Nicholas, Mark Photography 324
Mark & Stephen’s Peterson, Mark Food 176
Martel Crafts Martel, Maria Metal, Wood, Glass 167
Mayauel War Art Glass Ward, Mayauel Glass 322/323
MB Historical Society Snively, Heidi Photography 181
MCHS Walker, Tony Wood 272
McKuits Cuviei, Monica Clothing and Textile Crafts 118
Michael Frazier Designs Frazier, Michael Wood Crafts 226/227
Michael J. Siddons Designs Siddons, Michael Metal 144
Mike Woodward Photo Woodward, Mike Photography 147/148
Mona Ray Fine Art Ray, Mona Paintings 241
Monika Crovetto Designs Crovetto, Monica Jewelry 325
Mr. Ms. Woodshop Mowry, Henry Wood 238
Mrs. Hovie’s Toffee Hovland, Pamela Candy 175
My Dragonfly Girl Gemmill, Dianne Clothing 328
N & N Designs LLC Vicknair, Nicholas Paintings 256
N & N Designs LLC Vicknair, Nicholas Paintings 257
Natual Stone Art Novak, Cathy Stone 107
Natural Body & Bath Fernandez-Olson, Tonya Soy Candles/ body prod 160
Noa Kai Designs Frank Noa Duke & Frank, Rai Textile & Wood 338
NTKS Stewart, Kathy Jewelry, Painting, Drawings 125
OC High School of Arts Ward, Carol Clothing & Textiles 224
Oilcloth Alley Bos, Denise Textile 240
Original Girls by Kathleen Robison, Kathleen Paintings and Paper Designs 221
Pacha Hot Sauce Piteau, Hetty Hot Sauce 180
Painted Bird Halpern, Nicole & Jen Samson Shoes 112
Paradise Candles of Hawai’i Steinbauer, Rob Other 204
Paradise Home Décor Bousquet, Larry & Esther Textile 259
Pavanne Jewelry Greene, Lorelei Jewelry 228
Pebbles Lombardo, Ann Clothing 108
Pelham’s Papeire Malone, Lissa Paper 319
Photo Letters Wiener, Gail Photography 345
Pillow Picasso Bechtold, Cheryl Textile 172
Pliskin Designs Photography Pliskin, Michael Photgraphy 252
Precious Prints Clay Prints Ritchie, Kristan Pottery 331
Pur Intern Williams, Kim Clothing 261
Pure Heart Jewelry Helvey, Minnie Jewelry 247
QD Designs Nguyen, Jesse Paintings 130
Rachel Shultz Shultz, Rachel Paingtings 217
RAE Art Enperprises Ochs, Jennifer Rae Paintings 201
Rainbow Tie-Dyes Carrubba, Carl & Angela Clothing 156
Rayrounds Designs Clark, Ray Wood 127
Recovery Stenta, Carl Other 255
Recyclicious Huffman, Christina Glass 309
Rewind Montanaro, Carols Jewelry 258
Richard Gould Wood Turning Gould, Richard Wood 242
Rock Goddess Jewelry DaGidu, Luey H. Jewrly 232
Rocks de Vie Paperie Peterson, Andrea Paper Products 305
SA Macklin Macklin, Stuart Photography 260
Sassy Duck Simovich, Sharonne Jewelry 149
Savidge Davidge, Connor Clothing 303
Sensations by Sybil Cano-Mosher, Sybil Textile 170
Seventh Street Designs Chievichetti, Diane Jewelry 336
Sharon Kapan Jewelry Kaplan, Sharon Jewelry 219
Signs Of… Bothell, Betsy Wood and Glass 137
Silly Yeti Chung, Nanci Clothing 120
Simple Living Brinkworh, Nok Wood 124
Sing In Chinese Tien, Lynn Books 347
Skel & Co Arnett, Lisa Paper and Holiday 173
Sky Sea Sand Knight, Melissa Paintings 210
Soap Seas Wennstrom, Christina Soaps 162
Social Butterfly Designs Gerbracht, Jill Paper Design 146
St. Johns Sponge and Soap Raptis, Kerry Other 253
Starfish Are People Too! Tarpo, Sharon Holiday Items/Ornamental 102
Sterling Echoes Harris, Dennis Jewelry 214
Strand Boards/Trending Now Thadhani, Hansi Other 301
Strut – This Raquel, Cynthia Clothing 174
Summer’s Pearl Brantley, Emily Painting & Drawings 220
Susan’s Seashell Wreaths Flora, Susan Other Wreaths 315
Swamis Co. Schuckit, Junko Jewelry 223
The Color of Black & Whit Adkins, Don Photography 164
The Girl Loves Pearls Port, Lisa Jewelry 311
The Jungle Bee Selva, Debbie Jewelry 352
The Om Noll, Eydie & Bill Leather & other 267
TLC Travel Laundry Company Grant, Alyssa Laundry Bags 110
Treasured Letters Farrace, Paula Photography & Personalized 326
Usborne Books & More Mason, Jennifer Books 302
Veronica’s Garden Piedrahita, Randi Textile & Metal 246
Vintage Bottles by the Sea Rivadeneyra, Sandy Glass 157
Vis a Vis Jewelry Blakey, Virgnie Jewelry 251
Wearth N More by Pam Kuch, Pamela Wreaths & Other 332
Welcome Home Soldior Foun. Ruvalcaba, Frank Salsa 152
Wethered Leather Borgstrom, Mary Lou Other 230
William Hogan Fine Art Hogan, William Photography 213
Willow & Fern Co. Douwes, Ezekiel Clothing 117
Windancer Sprials West, Dan & Linda Wind Art 234
Word Teasers Flora, Susan Other 316
Yours Truly Stationery Trebaol, Therese Stationary 329
Yuneek Madrid, Christine Painting on wood 212
Yuri’s Collection Yurivilca, Saul Jewelry 163
Zazu Faure/LA Faure, Zazu Textile 237
Zuniga’s Art Zuniga, Guillermo Photography 154
Giberson, Brian Mixed Media 123
Rajner, Jim Carved Surfboards 128/129
Schubert, Stephen Paintings 142/143
Smith-Hillman, Lori Jewelry, Wood & Holida 166
Kikuchi, Tsuiko Other 202
Zee, Carol Paintings & Pottery 209
Smythe, Kelley Textile, dolls 211
Karm, Diane Jewelry 235
Goldgewicht, Hannie Metal, Pottery, & Basketry 243
Gotlibowski, Leo Jewelry, Leather & Other 243
Sember, Bob Sculptures 268
Bauer, Kathy Paintings & Drawings 269
Miller, Kathleen Mixed Items 341
Ellis, Katherine Candy 348


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