2017 Participant Directory

Arts and Crafts directory:

100 Shulz, JD JD Shulz Art Paintings
101 Shulz, JD JD Shulz Art Paintings
102 Tarpo, Sharon Starfish Are People Too! Holiday Items/Ornamental
103 Brown, Mike and Dawn Chrissi B Clothing
104 Valdes, Heidy Forever Mootsy Dog Supplies
105 Kaiser, Richard Kaiser Low Tide Creations Wood Crafts
106 Hedlund, Keri Ink and Pine Paper, Wood, Holiday, Glass
107 Novak, Cathy Natual Stone Art Stone
108 Lombardo, Ann Pebbles Clothing
109 Welch, Matthew Pacific Coast Gallery Photography
110 Grant, Alyssa TLC Travel Laundry Company Laundry Bags
111 Sadhwaii, Jiten Ashprey's Jewelry
112 Li, Jenny Forever Heart Mixed
113 Li, Jenny Forever Heart Mixed
114 Harris-Casey, Jivita Jivita Jewelry
115 Schwartz, David ARTZworks.com Paintings
116 Hacket, Linda Global Girls Shoes and Clothing
117 Chamberlin, Tracy Ramona Paloma Tile Studios Ceramics
118 Johnson, Thomas Tommy Johnson Artist Paintings and Drawings
119 Mashkowich, Jane Colone and Artemida Jewelry
119 Trinh, Yvette Colone and Artemida Jewelry
120 Chung, Nanci Silly Yeti Clothing
121 Chung, Nanci Silly Yeti Clothing
122 Wolf, Renee Essential Addictions Other
123 zz zz zz
124 Muenster, Kirsten Kirsten muenster Jewelry Jewelry
125 Laforet, Amber Head Regal Leather & Other
126 Stewart, Kathy NTKS Jewelry, Painting, Drawings
127 Cuoms, Biagco Clothing Clothing
128 Rajner, Jim Carved Surfboards
129 Rajner, Jim Carved Surfboards
130 Adams, Connie Colors by Connie Garden Art, Pillows, Tables
131 Glineur, Brooke/Patrick Auamarine Jewerly Statin Jewelry
132 Levy, David/Carolyn Hardwood Creations Wood
133 Levy, David/Carolyn Hardwood Creations Wood
134 Johnston, Karin KBD Studio Clothing, Jewelry, metal
135 Jimenez, Lisa Look Inside Yoga Bags
136 Bateman, Kendall Kendall Batemen Photo Photography & Paper Designs
137 Bothell, Betsy Kandlgirl Studio Sea Glass Art on Wood
138 Ritterstein, Nicol Avant Card Studio Paper Design
139 Berg, Colleen Colleen Berg Jewlry Jewelry
140 Sarkissian, Sam Guitars and Smiles Wood
141 Meechan, Lisa Mama Gourds Mixed Media Scupture
142 LaBarbaera, Dominic ArtLife, LLC Clothing, Painting, Drawings
143 Stephenson-Funk, Carla Art Tiles by Carla Pottery/Ceramics
144 Siddon, Michael Michael S. Siddons Designs Metal
145 Wolfram, David David Wolfram Designs Paintings
146 Gerbracht, Jill Social Butterfly Designs Paper & Holiday Items
147 Grasman, Cyndi Bad Pickle Tees Clothing
148 Steege, Martina MartiScrub Other
148 Young, Celeste K9BWell Holistic Health Dogs Other
149 Simovich, Sharonne Saddy Duck Jewelry & Beach Décor
150 Lopez, Karim Alpaca by Karim & Jewelry Clothing and Jewelry
151 Derouin, Suzanne Suzanne Derouin Jewelry Jewelry
152 Todd Sites, Elizabeth Declan Clothing
153 Martel, Maria Martel Crafts Metal, Wood, Glass
154 Zuniga, Guillermo Zuniga's Art Photography
155 Homec, Tyson Homec Jewelry Jewelry
156 Ricevuto, Amy Mia Tia Designs Clothing
157 Rivadeneyra, Sandy Vintage Bottles by the Sea Glass
158 Reckards, David Ancient Echoes Jewelry
159 Koehler, Austin G. O. Nuts Nuts
160 Fernandez-Olson, Tonya Soy Candles/ body prod
161 Pavia, Olena a Cutee Clothing
162 Miller, Rachez Shay Candles Candles
162 Wennstrom, Christina Soap Seas Soap/Bath Products
163 Mosen, Michelle Paper, Wood, Glass
163 Shono, Dona Paper and Glass
164 Adkins, Don The Color of Black & Whit Photography
165 Schubert, Stephen Stephen Schubert Studios Paintings
166 Schubert, Stephen Stephen Schubert Studios Paintings
167 Dominici, Gerry The Baby Guy Baby Supplies
169 Poage, Brian Aloha for People Clothing
170 Davey, Sean Great Big Photos Photography and Wood
171 Courbin, Joni Baby Cadeaux Other
172 Bechtold, Cheryl Pillow Picasso Textile Crafts
173 Arnett, Lisa Skel & Co Paper and Holiday
174 Cynthia & Raquel Strut - This Clothing
175 Hovland, Pamela Mrs. Hovie's Toffee Candy
176 Peterson, Mark Mark & Stephen's Jam, Mustarts, Vinaigrettes
177 Goldman, Luke LDG Cookie Co. Cookies
178 Mesmer, Jolie Laguna Salt Co. Salt
179 Cameron, Robert Gourmet Blends Aged Balsamic Vinegar, Olive
179 Levy, Leonard Gourmet Blends Aged Balsamic Vinegar, Olive
180 Piteau, Hetty Pacha Hot Sauce Hot Sauce
181 Snively, Heidi MB Historical Society Photography
200 Post, John John Post Gallery Photography
201 Durr, Roxanne Baby Porcupine Paper Design
201 Peterson, Andrea Rocks de Vje Paperie Paper, Drawings, and Other
202 Gordon, Darla Dee Dee's Creations Clothing
203 Port, Lisa The Girl Loves Pearls Jewelry
204 zz zz zz
205 Vickers, Joe Joe Vickers Art Paintings & Wood
206 McRae, Mark Just Budda, Inc Clothing
207 Davila, Phillip Phillip Davila Pottery/Ceramics
208 Mederos, Linda Textile
209 Lieberman, Frank David Frank Design Patio Swings
210 Lieberman, Frank David Frank Design Patio Swings
211 Michele, Dale Dale Michele Clothing, Jewelry & Hats
212 Smythe, Kelley Needlework & Holiday
213 Madrid, Christine Yuneek Painting on wood
214 Harrison Denise Sterling Echoes Jewelry
215 Lipp, Renee Keikico Other
216 Moro, Jessie Jessie's Girl Couture Children's Clothing
217 Schultz, Rachel Rachel Shultz Paintings
218 Vecsi, Amy Photography
219 Nihei, Nancy Kiyomi Pjs Clothing
220 Miles, Ilene Dustin and Daisy Clothing, Purses, Tutus
221 Carson, Marcie Mixt Studio Clothing and Paper
222 Cohen, Sheri Indigo Lights Jewelry, Painting, Mixed
222 Giberson, Brian Indigo Lights Jewelry, Painting, Mixed
223 Schuckit, Junko Swamis Co. Jewerly
224 Rager-Madariga Blissbaby Clothing
225 Jensson, Katy Hermosaics Other
226 Gregory, Paul Pablos Candles Textile, Pottery, Candles
227 Serafin, Joshua Art By Serafin Paintings
228 Serafin, Joshua Art By Serafin Paintings
229 Frazier, Michael Michael Frazier Designs Wood
230 Frazier, Michael Michael Frazier Designs Wood
231 Brown, Gregory S. Picnic Perfect Picnic Baskets etc…
232 Borgstrom, Mary Lou Wethered Leather Other
233 Reiter, Ken Ken James Reiter Paintings
234 Lagha, Maher City Bazaar Wood Crafts
235 Hollowell, Diane Karm DianKarm.com Jewelry
236 Ward, Carol Orange County High School Textile
237 Faure, Zazu Zazu Faure/LA Textile
237 Wosczyna, Anthe Little Muse Designs Jewelry
238 Sember, Bob Bitchin Stuff Mixed Media
239 Jiaur, Dominique Art Couture Clothing
239 Pasquinelli, Lucia Lupa Jewelry Jewelry
240 Bos, Denise Oilcloth Alley Textile
241 DaGiau, Lucy Rock Goddess Jewelry Jewelry
242 Capozzola, Renee Beneath The Surface Imaging Photography
243 Goldgewicht, Hannie Pottery
243 Gotlibowski, Leo Jewelry
244 Concepcion, Ed Concepcion Clothing
245 Paragouteva, Dany Dany Paragouteva Paintings
246 Jacquez, Lupe Malana Love Co. Clothing
247 Piedrahita, Randi Veronica's Garden Textile & Metal
248 Hausserman, Christine Christine Hausserman Fine Art
249 Hausserman, Christine Christine Hausserman Fine Art
250 Pliskin, Michael Pliskin Designs Photography Photography
251 Helvey, Minnie Pure Heart Jewelry
252 Vicknair, Nicholas N & N Designs LLC Paintings
253 Vicknair, Nicholas N & N Designs LLC Paintings
254 zz zz zz
255 Raptis, Kerry Saint John's Sponge & Soap Sponges and Soaps
256 Day, Jennifer Bali Perma Clothing
257 Lobo, Adrianna Drica Lobo Art Paintings, Textile, Wood
257 Marouani, Lenora The Souk
258 Kaufman Martinez, Holly Junkyard Jewelry Jewelry
259 Magill, Douglas Magill Ink Paintings & Photography
260 Villaclara, Veronica Colada Co. Clothing
261 Lewis, Lariza Sunset Wave Art Paintings
262 West, Dan Windancer Metal Crafts
263 Culpui, Monica McKnits Textile and Other
264 Wilson, Jeff JW Photography Photography
265 Wilson, Jeff JW Photography Photography
266 Strazis, Shelly Poe Tahitian Pearls Jewelry
267 Carkhugg, Lauren Lagoa Swimwear Clothing
268 Vijay, Chanee Chanee Vijay Textiles Textiles
269 Noll, Eydie & Bill The Om Leather
270 Bauer, Kathy Paintings
271 Newell, Katie Katie Newell Jewelry Jewerly & Metal
271 Tratar, Naomi Jewelry by Naomi Jewerly
272 Walker, Carolyn Vintage Chimes Glass
273 Brandon, Judy Arts Anvil Jewelry
274 Medrid, Zigi J. Carmichael Textile, Wood, and other
275 Olsen, Kameliya Aroma Candle Shop Needlework & Candles
276 Thadhani, Hansni Strand Boards Other
277 Stone, Adam A. Stone Originals Paintings
300 Oz, Paker Oz Paker Art Studio Mixed
301 zz zz zz
302 Clemmons, Lorraine Dovetail37 Clothing
303 Hill, Marisa RisaRuth Designs Wood, Holiday, Shoe Clips
304 Harkenrider, Bonnie Bonnie Harkenrider Needlework & Holiday
305 Wahn MD, Udo Books
306 Gerlick, Mary Glasswork by Mary Glass and Holida
307 Sharma, Asha Hemani Clothing Clothing
308 Newmark, Maria & Mike M. Newmark Crystal Glass Crystal Glass Nail Files
309 Huffman, Chrsitine Sparks Glass Art Glass
309 Sparks, LisaAnn Sparks Glass Art Glass
310 zz zz zz
311 zz zz zz
312 Flora, Susan Susan's Seashell Wreaths Wreaths
313 Flora, Susan Word Teasers Games
314 Holz, Alex Hooligan Paper Co. Paper Cards
315 Haley, Kelley Livingsmall Planters
316 Bolin, Cindy Cindy Bolin Jewelry
317 Pollack, Tracey Hostess Gifts to Go Other
318 Ahn, Sussi Malibu Bows Leather
319 Pelhams paperie Paper
320 Goggins, Kathleen Paintings and Wood
321 Kannakko, Jean Needlework
322 Villasenor, Sam Sam Villasenor Ceramics Pottery
323 Burgos, Paloma Lavande de la Paloma Other
324 Johnson, Kim Moms Need Playdates Too Coffee Mugs
325 Jones, Jennifer Jennifer Jones Collection Jewelry
326 Lomicka, Monte Lou Mlomicka Artisan Studios Textiles
327 Lawrence, Debie Floradora hats Hats
328 Gemmill, Dianne My Dragonfly Girl Clothing
329 Trebaol, Therese Yours Truly Stationary Stationary
330 Landis, Eva Leather E Leather
331 Stoneman, Kim Gus Vintage Goods Mixed
332 Schwartz, Zack Manhattan Postal Center Photography
333 Savidge
334 Gillette, Jim JAG Design Wood
335 Ward, Mayauel Mayauel Wood Art Glass Glass
336 Ward, Mayauel Mayauel Wood Art Glass Glass
337 Waller, Michelle Bohemian Rags Handbags Leather
338 Frank, Noa Duke Noakai Designs Wood
339 Sullivan, Brianne Handcrafted By Brianne Wood
340 Mon, Kat Kat Monk Photogrpahy Photography
341 Miller, Kathleen Other
342 Plessner, Andrea Andrea's Designs Mixed
343 Pohle, Elisabeth Elisabeth Pohle Designs Jewelry
344 Beals, Kristen Hi-Notes Greetings Paper, Clothing, and other
345 Lamb, Barbara Barbara Lamb Ceramics Clothing, child dress up
346 Montazeri, Ellie Balthazar & Rose Mixed
347 Dennis, Jan Janstan Studio
348 Hofle, Thais Barkin Designs Jewelry & Wood
349 Montz, Wayne & Lisa Needlework, Wood, Quilts
350 Corredor, Elvira Jewelry
351 zz zz zz
352 Ward, Chris Chris Ward Jewelry Mixed
353 Wilson, Zondra Blu Skin, LLC Skin Care
354 Deeri, Anita Anci Décor Jewerly
300-A Schimdl, Raj Accessories 4 Divas Jewelry
339-A Chierichetti, Diane Seventh Street Designs Jewelry
Ceramic Studio MB City Art Group MB City Art Group Mixed